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Activities and tourism in Valence

Valence is a city of Roman origin which lies halfway between Lyon and Avignon. Built in terraces on the left bank of the Rhône, the city has kept all its charm and especially all its authenticity. This capital of the Southern Rhône Alpes region allows you to enjoy a strategic location between the sea and the mountains all year round. Valence is the gateway to the south of France and is considered the capital of the Drôme. In addition, this charming city in the Rhone Valley has a sunny climate and mild temperatures in summer and winter. Thanks to its location along a river and its “Pays d’Art et d’Histoire” label, Valence is a very attractive city. Restaurants, terraces, cafés, pedestrian squares, shopping streets, monuments, the city offers a warm and welcoming atmosphere. All visitors feel comfortable in this atmosphere where life is good.


Where to go in Valencia?

The city of Valencia is full of original and authentic places where you can stroll and enjoy a moment of peace and quiet while making discoveries.


The Champ de Mars and its Jouvet park

The Champ de Mars, with its beautiful Jouvet Park, is a must-see place in the city of Valencia. There is not a single citizen of Valence who does not know it. All the inhabitants have already taken at least one ride on the little train in this park when they were children. Located in the heart of Valence, this beautiful 7-hectare park is a charming place that will not leave you indifferent.

With games for children, canals for romantic walks, a menagerie and a collection of trees, there is plenty for you to do in this pleasant place. You’re sure to come across squirrels as well as brides and grooms on a photo shoot. And if you’re a romantic, don’t miss the Champ de Mars esplanade, home to Peynet’s famous kiosk of lovers. It is the most Instagrammable place in the city with its beautiful view of the Crussol castle.


The Napoleon Bonaparte trail

Want to put yourself in the shoes of Napoleon Bonaparte? Go to the town’s Tourist Office to pick up a map that will allow you to follow in the footsteps of the emperor during his journey to Valence. On the way, you will be guided and oriented by the copper emblems that you will find on the ground. This is a very original way to discover the city. And finally, when your adventure is over, you can take a memorable photo next to a life-size bronze statue in the Place Porte-Neuve.


The port of Épervière

The Port de l’Épervière is the largest river marina in France. It is a very pleasant place located on the banks of the Rhône. The place is ideal for running, cycling or even enjoying a picnic.


Pedestrian streets

Do you like city pleasures during your holidays? If so, Valencia is the place for you. Shopping, having a drink on a terrace or tasting local specialties, you will be able to enjoy the downtown while strolling through the numerous pedestrian streets. Original shops and restaurants in Valencia, you will really have many favorites during your stay.


What to see in Valencia?

Valencia has some amazing monuments that you really must see during your holiday in the city.


The Pendentif

The Pendentif is a funerary monument dating from the 16th century. It is located in the center of the cloister of the cathedral of Saint Apollinaire. It is a real jewel and is so well hidden that some people from valancians do not even know that it exists. The monument was built in 1548 in memory of Canon Mistral. If you like architecture, you should know that the pendant is architecturally perfect. It is a must-see if you are visiting the city. Moreover, it will offer you a breathtaking view of the Crussol castle. It will be the perfect moment for a little photo session!


The house of the heads

The House of the Heads was built in 1530 by Antoine de Dome, consul of the city of Valencia at the time. It was given this name because of the sculptures that adorn it, which represent allegories of famous people from the teachings of the University of Valencia. It must be said that it is a very well-known monument in the city. For the record, Napoleon Bonaparte loved to visit this house. So we advise you to do the same, especially if you are a lover of Heritage, Art, Culture and French History.


The Valence Museum

If you like French History and Art History, you are bound to be a fan of Archaeology. Well, don’t miss the opportunity to visit the Valence Museum. It is located opposite the Saint Apollinaire cathedral and offers two sublime collections: one of art and one of archaeology. You will be enchanted by this visit, as the interior of the building alone is worth a visit. Don’t forget to pay special attention to its belvedere which offers a breathtaking panoramic view.


The Armenian Heritage Centre

Valencia is a land of immigration. It has the largest French Armenian community. It is therefore only natural that the city should have an exhibition space that highlights the Armenian memory, people and culture. In fact, Charles Aznavour came to inaugurate the square named after him, which is located right in front of the Centre. The Armenian Heritage Centre is obviously a place not to be missed in the city.


What to do in Valencia?

During your stay in Valencia, it is impossible for you to be bored for a single second. The city offers many activities for all ages and tastes.


Escape Game The case

Do you like to play games and have fun? Then try to solve the riddles of the Escape Game The case to get out of a room in only 1 hour. We advise you to try the room on the theme of Mandrin, a famous thief in Valencia. The room has a very immersive setting that will give you a truly unique experience.


Cooking classes at Anne-Sophie Pic

If you’re a fan of good food, it’s time to learn how to cook with a great chef. To do this, you can go to the cooking school of Anne-Sophie Pic, a leading figure in French cuisine. This school is called Scook and it allows you to get behind the stove. And if cooking is not your thing but you like to eat, then you can get your feet under the table in her very chic restaurant. You’ll discover new flavors that won’t leave you indifferent at all!


Discover the culinary specialties

To continue in the world of gastronomy, if you like to eat, in Valence you will really be served! Pogne, ravioles, caillettes, le Suisse or great wines, the city is a Mecca of French gastronomy. You can discover delicious culinary specialities. Whether it’s sweet or tasty, you’ll always find something to enjoy during your stay in the many shops in the city.


What are the hidden treasures of Valencia?

And finally, we’ll introduce you to the hidden treasures of Valencia. After visiting these places, you will know almost everything about the city. But beware, Valence will always have some nice surprises in store for you!


Mandrin’s cave

The famous brigand Louis Mandrin, executed in 1755 in Valence, might have had a hiding place for his booty. This “hiding place” is said to be in a cave to the north of the Lautagne plateau. This cave, which is called Mandrin’s cave, offers a superb view over the whole of the Drôme. However, access can be difficult.


La Fabrique

Do you like street art? You’ll love La Fabrique in Valence. It’s a creative place that is part of the Comedie de Valence’s approach. La Fabrique is a small but very interesting theatre where you can discover classic or avant-garde shows.


The wet zone

This is a real haven of peace and greenery in the middle of the city. The Laprat wetland is made up of several water sources. This area was created to protect the fauna and flora. It is a perfect place to go for a walk and to discover nature.

So now you know the different tourist activities in Valencia. All that remains is for you to go and discover the city. Then you can tell us which places you liked best!